Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Fashion + AJ Short Film!

Helloooooooooooooo, jammers! today we will be showing you some awesome fashions that i found. let's take a look at what i made first!
this is my new spring style! butterflies just look ADORBZ on seals :D
i like to call it, "Winter in Spring".
               take a look at this member one. this really shows off the sunsets!
i'd like ot call this one, "Autumn in Spring". XD

             aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here is another member one, Dragonvscat!
i'd like to call this one, "Leafy Spring". lol i keep nameing things XD

            also, check out this fierce guy, And this pretty pla look at this non-member awesomeness!
yes, you are allowed to copy the seal-one i made. have fun!

Oh yea, here is the short film i made with my friend and some random people on aj!here's just a little comedy to cheer you up ;)

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Animal Jam Homepage Update!

Wassup Jammers!!
When I opened up the aweshomenesh of Animal Jam today, I found..... AN UPDATE!!!!!!  If you go to.... the new Animal Jam welcome page at, you will find.... THISH!!!

Isn't it adorable! If you click "PLAY NOW" You will get an option to Sign Up or Log in.

The Sign Up still looks the same, but the Sign In is... 
Look at that happy bunny! Awwwww. >-<
more Animal Jammish??? IDK (I ish such a mashter with wordsh). However.. if you click the Home Button in the Top Right corner, It brings you back to the old AJ page... Yay?? Whats the use of this page if it just is gonna bring you back????
Anyway, thats a wrap for today! 
Bye Bye!

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

The Legend of ImNotGone

One day, before the land of Jamaa was created, there was the first phantom that came out of Mira's tears. this phantom was a horrible phantom. the phantom constantly went to the alphas and quickly destructed everything in his path.
A few months later, the Alphas got fed up, and needed to do something about it. this killer was destroying the alphas recorses and threatening them. they had to punish it.
As the alpha punishment, they turned him into an animal. A wolf, that is. they put him in a limbo so he could not escape Jamaa for the rest of his life.

Now, he howls to the first jammer he sees and goes to their den while its locked; asking and waiting in pain for help for him to escape his limbo and return to his desired heaven... telling everyone, that he's not gone.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

NEW animal jam Hacker! FMAN is BACK!!

Hey jammers all over the world (or so) there's a new hacker in Jamaa. or an old one in his new form...

Meet WRECKEDJUNGLE. believed to be fman's new form, he hacked many famous jammers and is believed to have more powerful hacking skills than his "old form", fman. we dont know for sure if he is fman, though.

what you got to do is, lock your account! this guy is an evolved Fman! (i said that a million times lol) how to do it is, go to your parent dashboard and disable trading and gifting. lock your den too, i think he was caught in a den.

be safe jammers, wootmoo, julian2 and some others got hacked. be careful.

from your dear founder,Silly.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

The Non-Member Debate

Hello all you jamtastic jammers!
Its Kawaii Unicorn posting here about an issue going around Animal Jam lately.
You might have heard people saying this catchy rhyme. "Lions Roar! Eagles Soar! Non-Members Deserve More!" or a similar variation.

 I have yet to find out who made it up, but the people who made it up, and the people who chant it know what they want. Most of them think that Animal Jam should be for all jammers, not just the people who pay. Other people believe that Non-members should be happy with what they have! People are taking sides and sometimes starting fights. But who is right??? I might have an answer to that question. Both sides are  right, and both sides are wrong. Lets start with the people who believe in Non-Members gaining more rights.

Non-Members should have more rights. However, not the right to all of the items and clothes. The right to respect and freedom from Member Racism. I know what you might be thinking. You might think that I don't care about Non-Members, that I don't know how it feels. Well, I do. Why? Because I am a Non-Member.  Everyday, I see and hear of Members bullying Non-Members in fashion shows, stores, adoption, and more, using the fact that they paid as an advantage. NOT ALL members are like that though. Now to the fact of items. I get it. There are times when you feel like screaming because you found the best item ever.... and it's member. But AJHQ needs the money to pay their workers and do so many other things. On top of that they also donate money to animals.  It would be awesome if Animal Jam was free and all, but bills need to be paid.

Now the people who believe Non-Members should be happy with what they have. That is true in a way. As I wrote above, bills need to be paid. However, I'm not saying that non-members are worthless. Non-members should at least know that what they have is a free trial in a way, but just because they don't pay, doesn't mean that they shouldn't be respected. Everyone deserves respect!

If you actually took the time to read this, Thank you!

Disclaimer: These ideas are my own and they are not rules or commands or dothisoriwillfindyouwhenyousleepandwatchyou. They are just IDEAS. (No harm intended in any of them)

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Artzy Fartzy!! #1

heywhatsupyouguys? it's silly here! with a new... ART CONTEST!! this artzy fartzy (thats what i will call art contests from now on) will be about Easter and all the joy of it :D don't celebrate Easter? simply draw a rabbit or something green!  unfortunately i didn't get much for Easter this year.

anyway, i drew something for ya'll!
i know you might think it's out of my style, but that's only because i was practicing  a lot, and got better :D this is NOT FNAF RELATED!!!!
                                   (come see it on DA!!)

anywho, im more exited to see your art on the blog send it to me by tagging me on google+ or sending me a hangout. 

• no breaking the rules (duh)
• don't steal ANYONES art. not even some random thing you find on google.
• always, and i mean ALWAYS write your signature on your artwork. this way its easier which person drew what.
• no photoshopped images. you have to accually draw something either on the computer or pencil on paper. (if you don't have a a wacom tablet to draw on your comp, just go for the paper and pencil.)
• there is no rule number 5.
• no mature art, etc etc etc. seriously you guys wouldn't even think of drawing that lol.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bird Hat, Space Den Items, New Adventure, and more!

Hey Jammers!
Its Kawaii Unicorn! First off, we have the adorable bird hat! It's proper name is the bird nest hat! If you look closely, It sort of looks like strips of bacon making a nest! :P
BACON!! :3
Now we have some space den items! Like the paint themed items, it has a mixture of non member and member items. Now you can blast off to outer space!!! :D Does Jamaa have an outer space? Where is on Earth? Is it even on Earth? O.O

And.... OMG!!! We have a new adventure!!!!!!! This adorbs adventure is called.... SPRING FESTIVAL!!!! YAY!! The goal of this adventure is to collect all 100 eggs and 7 golden eggs. The 100 eggs are all over the ground, but the seven eggs require 4 players or GIANT flowers!
There are treasure chests with GEMS too!!!!!!

Look at this SPARLKY blue egg!!! WIll a SPARKLY blue CHICKEN hatch?

Now eagles and owls have to hop too!! (And Fabulous Magicpalace is looking fabulous over there!)

Who needs wells!
We also had an UNDERWATER RARE!! YAY!! How fun! It is a happy blue and red... but it looks new... The name is.... Rare OLD Scuba Helmet.

Bye for now!