Saturday, February 28, 2015

Hey Guys! sorry i have been so inactive. i JUST got lice yesterday for the FIRST time in my life! yes! it's what it sounds like! yesterday i would totally consider the absolute WORST day of my LIFE. it was horrible! my mom have to literally NITPICK little bug eggs out of my hair! and then i had to use an anti-lice shampoo that smells like medicine! it was terrible, and for some reason my belly's mustles are super sore.(and my neck)
hope this drawing is not disturbing lol

Anyway, a few days ago i suddenly got kicked out of the play wild beta community on google plus. it says that i was never a part of the group and i need an invitation. this has happened to some people too, probably lots. i would never think this would happen to me. is there any way i can contact play wild's owners or something to get back? i literally did NOTHING. all i did on that group was post art and glitches. i might of sweared, but like "heck" or something. and you know how animal jam is, ya know... (no offence) kinda against freedom of speech... i mean like the chat system on CP is waaay better than aj. i think the creators are really sensitive to swears or something. it's not like a said the "f-word" or something.
anyway, i love you guys SOSO much and i hope you have a great time today! happy jamming.