Friday, March 27, 2015

New Author: Kawaii Unicorn

Hey Everyone!
I have just recently became a Silly Jammer!! YAY!!! :throws confetti: Anyway, My names are Kawaii Unicorn, Luna, clittletiger, or That Girl Over There Who is Hugging a Panda. Any of them are fine. (And none of them a my real names. So none of you stalkers can get me. :P) I adore Animal Jam and my username is clittletiger! Sadly, I am a non member... :( but I will still try my best to be a great Silly Jammer!!!

(::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) (::) 

My Profile
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Animal: Pandas, Unicorns, and Narwhals (Not in that order)
Favorite Food: COOKIES!!!!! (::) 
Favorite Drink: Hot Cocoa
Favorite Ships: Percabeth, Brason, Four Tris, etc. 
Fave Songs:

It's me!!! 
My main account on AJ is clittletiger! My second is a free chat account, 1man11, a gift from a friend. If you think I need an acount with kawaii unicorn somewhere in it, it is llkawaiiunicornll This is my usual outfit on AJ!!! YAYS!!! I can draw fairly well (Not as well as sillysmartandsuper) and my sister and friends say that I have a good eye for fashion! If you want to contact me, email me at!!


Signing off!!!