Thursday, March 12, 2015

Random stuff!

Hello pplz i noe i dint pots yestrda i noe i noe lol

"sorry if my grammar's whack this song is about ira"-SHUTUP

haha, sorry lol. this post is ment 4 rendum tings nd stuff lel

hre is mi ol OOOLLd drawng lil

have you heard the news? (probably not lol) i have heard animaljam play wild is releasing in may. i dont know for sure if this is true, but i hope it is that early!  i have also heard you would have to pay foe the game unless you where a beta tester, but i dont belive it. if you had to pay for it, then there would be no in-game currency (meaning like you have to pay with real money to get like diamonds/sapphires or something) so yea. oh yea, anyone remember courage the cowardly dog? is he pink or purple? type in the comments!

nuting 2 post inymor....