Monday, March 9, 2015

Weird Stuff

hello, its silly here. this is just a random post to share what wierd stuff happened lately

i was in a french server or something in a party! this is pretty common. but if you have free chat, and leave the party your chat will be glitched!

what's with the eyes?

go to bananaden's den! its so cool this glitch.

um... anyone know where to find this magnifying glass?

layering glitch on the party list! its alway's there for me. for some reason, other people dont see it! FMAN CONFIRMEDDDDD XD just kidding :P

this is not my picture, i found this on google. apparently if a bunny is wearing a wherewolf mask it won't stay on there faces. i dont know if this glitch still works though.

hehe, this glitch happens to me all the time, even with slides! i think this is the best one...

anyone else hate it when this happens?