Thursday, April 23, 2015

Animal Jam Homepage Update!

Wassup Jammers!!
When I opened up the aweshomenesh of Animal Jam today, I found..... AN UPDATE!!!!!!  If you go to.... the new Animal Jam welcome page at, you will find.... THISH!!!

Isn't it adorable! If you click "PLAY NOW" You will get an option to Sign Up or Log in.

The Sign Up still looks the same, but the Sign In is... 
Look at that happy bunny! Awwwww. >-<
more Animal Jammish??? IDK (I ish such a mashter with wordsh). However.. if you click the Home Button in the Top Right corner, It brings you back to the old AJ page... Yay?? Whats the use of this page if it just is gonna bring you back????
Anyway, thats a wrap for today! 
Bye Bye!