Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bird Hat, Space Den Items, New Adventure, and more!

Hey Jammers!
Its Kawaii Unicorn! First off, we have the adorable bird hat! It's proper name is the bird nest hat! If you look closely, It sort of looks like strips of bacon making a nest! :P
BACON!! :3
Now we have some space den items! Like the paint themed items, it has a mixture of non member and member items. Now you can blast off to outer space!!! :D Does Jamaa have an outer space? Where is on Earth? Is it even on Earth? O.O

And.... OMG!!! We have a new adventure!!!!!!! This adorbs adventure is called.... SPRING FESTIVAL!!!! YAY!! The goal of this adventure is to collect all 100 eggs and 7 golden eggs. The 100 eggs are all over the ground, but the seven eggs require 4 players or GIANT flowers!
There are treasure chests with GEMS too!!!!!!

Look at this SPARLKY blue egg!!! WIll a SPARKLY blue CHICKEN hatch?

Now eagles and owls have to hop too!! (And Fabulous Magicpalace is looking fabulous over there!)

Who needs wells!
We also had an UNDERWATER RARE!! YAY!! How fun! It is a happy blue and red... but it looks new... The name is.... Rare OLD Scuba Helmet.

Bye for now!