Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Easter Artzy Fartzy!! #1

heywhatsupyouguys? it's silly here! with a new... ART CONTEST!! this artzy fartzy (thats what i will call art contests from now on) will be about Easter and all the joy of it :D don't celebrate Easter? simply draw a rabbit or something green!  unfortunately i didn't get much for Easter this year.

anyway, i drew something for ya'll!
i know you might think it's out of my style, but that's only because i was practicing  a lot, and got better :D this is NOT FNAF RELATED!!!!
                                   (come see it on DA!!)

anywho, im more exited to see your art on the blog send it to me by tagging me on google+ or sending me a hangout. 

• no breaking the rules (duh)
• don't steal ANYONES art. not even some random thing you find on google.
• always, and i mean ALWAYS write your signature on your artwork. this way its easier which person drew what.
• no photoshopped images. you have to accually draw something either on the computer or pencil on paper. (if you don't have a a wacom tablet to draw on your comp, just go for the paper and pencil.)
• there is no rule number 5.
• no mature art, etc etc etc. seriously you guys wouldn't even think of drawing that lol.