Saturday, April 18, 2015

NEW animal jam Hacker! FMAN is BACK!!

Hey jammers all over the world (or so) there's a new hacker in Jamaa. or an old one in his new form...

Meet WRECKEDJUNGLE. believed to be fman's new form, he hacked many famous jammers and is believed to have more powerful hacking skills than his "old form", fman. we dont know for sure if he is fman, though.

what you got to do is, lock your account! this guy is an evolved Fman! (i said that a million times lol) how to do it is, go to your parent dashboard and disable trading and gifting. lock your den too, i think he was caught in a den.

be safe jammers, wootmoo, julian2 and some others got hacked. be careful.

from your dear founder,Silly.