Tuesday, April 7, 2015

New Space Stuff!

hey, whatsupyouguys? it's Silly here, and to bring some newz! i promise i will post more often

sew, first of all we got da "space airlock". yes i did steal these images from google lol. (sorry im not a member!!)
this is the new space airlock!! ikr cyoot (not) comes in pritty colors do.

ok, a gr8 locker! but i dont see whats the difference between a regular locker :T  i mean like i know spacemen are pros but really??

they look more like elf shoes

                                  awesome hope ya'll liked da newzes


that's all folks!

lil' "easter egg" i hidden for you guys ;) didn't expect one of these did ya? yes i did steal this from snowyclaw ;_;