Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring Fashion + AJ Short Film!

Helloooooooooooooo, jammers! today we will be showing you some awesome fashions that i found. let's take a look at what i made first!
this is my new spring style! butterflies just look ADORBZ on seals :D
i like to call it, "Winter in Spring".
               take a look at this member one. this really shows off the sunsets!
i'd like ot call this one, "Autumn in Spring". XD

             aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand here is another member one, Dragonvscat!
i'd like to call this one, "Leafy Spring". lol i keep nameing things XD

            also, check out this fierce guy, And this pretty pla look at this non-member awesomeness!
yes, you are allowed to copy the seal-one i made. have fun!

Oh yea, here is the short film i made with my friend and some random people on aj!here's just a little comedy to cheer you up ;)