Want to be a Silly Jammer? (author)

Hello, fellow jammers! here is what you have to do to be a "Silly Jammer"! a Sillly Jammer is a contributor to my blog. in fact, there are different types! (i dont have any yet... be the first!)

♥ Silly Jammers (writes blog posts of updates, art or whatnot)

♥ Artist Jammers (makes artwork for the blog)

♥ Smarty Jammers (posts facts about animal facts)

♥ Designer Jammers (i have to REALLY know you and you have to be my most trustworthy. your job is to photoshop (or whatever program you use) to make backgrounds. when you change the bg, make a post update about it. DO NOT change the bg unless i say you can. try to make it seasonal.)

♥ Glitchy Jammer (reports glitches of mostly animal jam and makes posts of them. glitches usually happen to you too. you can alsop steal some glitches from google lol)

                      Before you ask, make sure of this!

 ♦ make sure you have a google+ account
♦be nice to all people
 ♦have at least 1 picture in each post

 ♦ this is important. ALWAYS put your signature at the end of every                                                 post so people can know who you are!

 ♦ post animal/animal jam related things

 ♦ you have to give me your e-mail to make you a spirit jammer. it's the                                                   only way!

 ♦ i have to know you, or you have to be one of the people i see on google+.

remember, have fun! be a jammer, and not a scammer too!